Small but charming

What other people have in numbers, we make up in genuine character – and even our small hotel stands out from the crowd for its belief in traditions and generosity. In the Val Sarentino we have always been few, but maybe that is why we value our culture so much while always being open to innovation. Come and discover our valley, meet its people – and join us in protecting and preserving a gem of incommensurate beauty.

A green kingdom

Enjoy the Summer

In Val Sarentino there are trees as far as the eye can see, and its beautiful forests are our green lung.

Out in the snow

Winter Active

A dream in white: sometimes steep, sometimes easy, sometimes wooded paths, always wrapped in white cotton.

The weather today, wednesday, 21. february

At first sunny, later high clouds

A westerly high-altitude current will bring more and more humid air masses to the Alps.
Sunny with high clouds moving in from west in the afternoon, becoming increasingly dense towards the evening.
High temperatures between 8° and 14°.

Weather in the mountain

A westerly high-altitude current will bring more and more humid air masses to the Alps.
In the morning sunny weather, during the day more and more high clouds.
Zero-degree mark: 2000
Upper wind: moderate westerly
Sunrise: 07:10
Sunset: 17:49

The next few days

thursday, 22. february
friday, 23. february
saturday, 24. february
Friday rain and snowfall
On Friday widespread rain and snowfall, with the snow line between 600 and 1000 m. The heaviest precipitation will be in the central parts of the region. On Saturday there will be a mixture of lots of clouds, some sunny spells and a few possible showers, especially in the afternoon/evening. Snow line around 1000 m. Sunday cloudy to very cloudy with a few showers. Clouds will continue to predominate on Monday, but it should remain mostly dry.

Panoramakamera Sarnthein

Panoramakamera Reinswald Sattele

Panoramakamera Reinswald Pichlberg

Panoramakamera Reinswald Sunnolm

Panoramakamera Reinswald Pfnatsch