Summer Holidays

Treat yourself to a wonderful summer holiday in the mountains in South Tyrol in 2018! Time for hikes, time for adventure. Our motto is "the walk is the goal".

Explore awe-inspiring natural scenery, starting right from our hotel near Bolzano. Why go far when beauty is one step away? Enjoy a walk through the Reinswald hiking area. There is a network of 200 kilometres of trails, leading you to discover ancient masi, idyllic mountain pastures, crystal clear lakes, dense forests and majestic peaks.

Hiking in Reinswald

In a hut, no ifs, ands or buts...

That’s why we regularly take you to higher realms. You will be accompanied by hiking guide Sepp, who knows the Val Sarentino like the back of his hand and has lots of stories and anecdotes to tell. Join him on an exploration tour and experience exciting hikes to rustic huts. Once there, you’ll be spoiled with traditional dishes that taste even better in the fresh air!

Biking in Reinswald

Standing on the pedals

Get your bike, hop on, and push those pedals. High altitude trails, cosy mountain huts, challenging passes and scenic bike paths are waiting for you. During the tours, you will encounter a great variety of landscapes. Looking for a bit more adrenaline? Then visit Mike's Bike Park! Here, you have two paths to perfect your stunts. If you prefer to take it easy, you can hire one of our e-bikes. Pedalling has never been so relaxing!

Sarner Scharte Gap


Difficulty: moderate
Distance: 10 km 
Vertical climb: 973 m
Max. height: 2460 m

Start the tour from the car park near the Riedlerhof farm. Take the mostly steep but not too difficult marked trail no. 3 that leads through forest, boulders and rocky terrain to the wind gap where there is a wind shelter. Then make the ascent following trail no. 2 up to the cross on the Sarner Scharte summit. Experienced hikers can return via the depression between the two peaks on the secured trail no. 18A down to the Waldrast hut and back to the starting point. Inexperienced hikers should descend via the same route as for the ascent.

Trek to Cima San Giacomo


Difficulty: difficult
Distance: 15,5 km
Vertical climb: 1230
Max. height: 2739 m

At Valdurna – Durnholz (car park; from Bolzano, junction for Campolaste-Astfeld) we will drive along the lake; at the junction we will take route 16, going up through the forest and passing the Seebbachalm alpine hut. Walking across grazing land, mountain pines, boulders and scree we reach the Flaggerscharte Col, the lake and refuge (2,481 m, open in summer; approx. 3 hours). We will continue southwards on a marked path among boulders and scree and around the Lorenzenspitze, and eventually walk up to the cross on the summit (2,741 m, 1 hour from the refuge). Return via the same route (2.5 hours).

Sarntaler Weisshorn


Difficulty: moderate
Distance: 10,8 km
Vertical climb: 610 m
Max. height: 2654 m

From Penser Joch (2214 m, "Alpenrosenhof" mountain restaurant, road crossing between Sterzing in the upper Valle Isarco and Pens in the Sarn valley), follow marking 12A throughout, starting off westward on a wide path to the small Penser Joch lake, from here uphill on a good and safe mountain track, then (with minor altitude variations) across steep, south-facing slopes in westerly direction to the Dolomite boulder area above the Steinwandsee, briefly up to the Gerölljoch, then right on to an exposed rocky path which is, however, mostly fitted with ropes (still following marling 12A) through the mountain's rocky, very steep southern flank straight up to the summit ridge, finally right to the nearby summit cross (2705 m, 2:30 hrs. from Penser Joch).For the return to Penser Joch best to follow the described route (around 2 hrs.); however, a descent to Weissenbach is an option, but with very steep sections below the Gerölljoch.

Cima Cervina (Hirzer) Mountain


Difficulty: difficult
Distance: 12,8 km
Vertical climb: 1180 m
Max. height: 2705 m

Drive through to the hamlet of Sonvigo (Aberstückl) and on to Lahnerhof Farm. From there follow Trail No. 7A, turning slightly left through the woods uphill to a knoll with a cross (called Kirchberg). Continue on the partly flat and uphill slopes and eroding ditches to Malga Anteran (Anteranalm) mountain pasture (2,053 m; 1.5 hours from Lahnerhof). From the hut, take the steep Trail No. 7 up to the fork, and then turn right at the fork. Continue on Trail No. 7 (a well-marked trail), past stony grassy slopes and finally over craggy ground and boulders in switchbacks up to the summit at 2,781 m; just under 2 hours from the pasture; 3.5 hours from Lahnerhof Farm.Descent: Return using the same trail; about 2.5 hours from the summit.